Mr. Soul Cool Train

Tonight LB and I experienced the coolest cab driver ever - even better than my superhero cab driver from the night before.

In his southern drawl, he announced that his name was Harry Williams and immediately began chatting about this and that. As he rambled on from one story to another, I found myself drifting in and out of sleep.

I awoke to him belting out Etta James' "At Last" - and he was really good! While I had been asleep, he had been recounting his tales of getting his certification from the American Broadcasting Company, showing LB letters of recommendation, and showing off his letter from when he received his GED from Temple. One of the highlights of this letter was a sentence that read, "Although GED candidates are usually disagreeable, your pleasant nature was unexpected." I wondered in that moment why Mr. Williams carries those "credentials", carefully protected in plastic covers, in his cab, and whether or not he shows them to all of his passengers.

At any rate, he seems to find such joy in his job and in making people laugh. He actually had a song list of his top favorites to sing, entitled "Mr. Soul Cool Train." He sang some Van Morrison, Louis Armstrong and Stevi Wonder, and then wished us the best and sent us off into the night.

My new goal is to find Mr. Soul Cool Train again on the streets of Philadelphia.