Nowhere to hide

Today I did a bit of hibernating. I have an important presentation coming up and I've been trying to keep a low profile so that I can concentrate on preparing. In fact, I turned down the opportunity to work with friends so I could focus. It's not often I turn down a social situation like that. This is serious business.

Then, in my eighth hour of occupying a coffee shop, brow furrowing seriously as I frowned over my work, my friends burst in and suddenly there was nowhere to hide. I shouldn't have been surprised, as that particular coffee shop is where we usually meet to work.

My initial shock wore off and in that moment I realized I was happy to have the company and support. So often when I have big events on the horizon I try to keep the news to myself for fear of jinxing my luck. Yet lately I've come to understand that true friends are always there for you - even when you try to hide from the world.