Thinking of generations past

Today I voyaged to Kansas City, Missouri for a family reunion with my mother's side of the family. My grandma is the youngest of ten children - eight of whom grew up and had families - so it's a huge family. When I was younger, every summer my brother and I would drive with my grandma and grandpa to see all of the family in Missouri.

I adored visiting with my great aunts and uncles. It seemed like they were always having the best of times. Even though I was a pretty shy little girl, I always felt like I was included on the teasing and good natured fun.

This reunion was fairly different because now my grandma is the only one left of all of her brothers and sisters, and she couldn't make it. As a result, there weren't as many inappropriate jokes and tall tales told. I couldn't hear the same story over and over, with slightly different versions applied each time. I couldn't listen to the good natured bickering.

However, at one point one of my family members told me that I reminded him of my grandmother. Usually I'm told that I remind my family members of my mother, which I always of course take as a huge compliment (Hi, Mom!). Yet in that moment, I was so happy he said that. If I'm even a bit as mischievous or outgoing as my grandmother, then there may be other traits from those eight amazing siblings we will be able to pass on.