A front row seat

This evening, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend my third Philly's Shakespeare in the park; this year, The Tempest. One of my friends performs every year, and he always steals the show. It's so cool to see live theater, and especially, to see live theater outside.

At one point everyone who had a flashlight in the audience (apparently we were supposed to bring one?) was instructed to turn them on at the same time - so cool!

The most striking moment to me happened completely by accident. This theater group was performing in the middle of a park where children naturally play. While it was still light out, a group of actors ran down a hill. Half a second later, two kids rolled down the hill just behind them. They were already stealing the show, but then the little girl just planted herself almost in the middle of the stage, transfixed by the actors. The actors, in keeping with "the show must go on", just kept right on going. What an amazing way to be exposed to the theater.