A UNI-ite

Today marked the last day of the first week at my new job as the Director of Programs and Curriculum at the Urban Nutrition Initiative (UNI). This was a big week! However, one moment truly stood out.

A group of my co-workers and I were taking advantage of the leftover fresh fruit available in the office while chatting. One co-worker who has been in jury duty all week ( I had already met him in one of my interviews) came into the office. Everyone started asking him how his jury was going, and I re-introduced myself to him and joined the conversation.

A bit later, he came into my office. "When I first came in today," he said, "I didn't think to introduce myself, because you already seemed like a UNI-ite. You just had that aura. It showed up in your interview too. Welcome!"

That was the best compliment I could have received on the last day of my first week. I am already starting to feel like a UNI-ite.