Annie, Julie and Tully

This is a story about three amazing women I encountered today.


I was driving along the road today in my brother's car, positively glowing from the day I spent canoeing and visiting at camp, when the clutch gave out. It took me a second to realize that the car was no longer in control, and I carefully steered onto the side of the road. I figured that all I would have to do would be to restart the car, and I would be on my way. 

I turned off the car, restarted the engine, which roared to life, and pressed the gas. Nothing happened. I felt like this:

Just then, a woman came out of the house I had just happened to pull up next to, and asked me if I needed any help. She took me in, gave me the number of the nearest mechanic, and arranged for the car to be towed to the nearest town. This woman, Annie, said I looked pretty harmless, which is why she was so willing to help. "If you were a large man," she said, "you would be on your own."


Once at the mechanics, my suspicions that the clutch had completely blown out were confirmed. This was clearly not going to be a simple job.
Julie, the wife of the mechanic, assured me that everything would be alright, found a new clutch right away, arranged for someone to come in on their day off the next day, and drove me to a pizza place to wait for my ride home.


Julie had told Tully, the owner of the pizza place, to watch out for me. She made pleasant conversation, tried to distract me from the events of the day, and made me feel completely at home. 

I hope everyone has the great fortune to run into Annie, Julie and Tully some day.