Moms out on the town

I have several friends who are mothers, and I'm continually impressed with how they do it. I've always known that I want kids some day. Yet the sheer act of raising kids, working and trying to have a semblance of a social life still seems beyond me at this point in my life. Two of my dear friends live a bit outside the center of the city. I know that usually in order to see them I'll need to invite myself over to their houses - it's just easier with the kids.

Yet today, I got a call from one friend saying she would be in Center City at a conference and wanted to go out afterwards while her husband watched her two kids. Within minutes, our other friend had arranged for her husband to watch her three kids, and she caught a train into the city.

In that moment, I realized that the last time the three of us had been out together, sans kids or husbands, was when the movie Les Miserables came out. Wasn't that in December? Let me put it this way. It had been a while! I savored this time with my friends, the supermoms, who took a moment to get away.