Picture memories

All of a sudden, this evening, we were called to look at the sky. The clouds were pink and golden and rose colored. Immediately, my 12 year old cousin (I recently realized that children of my cousin are first cousins once removed rather than second cousins - thanks Mom) grabbed my hand and said, "We're going canoeing right now!" With a cousin in a kayak and three first cousins once removed in my canoe, we set off into the evening. The lake was perfectly still, the clouds were mirrored in the water, and it was a truly unbelievable sight. Inevitably the conversation turned to wishing we had brought a camera. "We don't need it," I insisted. "We'll just remember this feeling." We discussed the concept of remembering though a picture versus remembering through a feeling. Yet a picture couldn't have captured this moment in a million years. The little voices of a 7 year old, 9 year old and 12 year old in the evening, the feeling I always get in a canoe like my body was made to make a boat glide though the water, seeing my older cousin drift on the water in her kayak, and Maine's finest skies all around us. I hope that this memory never fades - even with no picture to remind me that it happened.