The huge cookie letdown

I went to a diner with my parents today on the way home from Maine that specialized in enormous portions. My salad was enough to serve six people. The sandwiches were gigantic. It would only make sense to offer enormous cookies for sale. The chocolate chip cookie that I purchased was the size of my head. No, literally it was the size of my head.

I bought this cookie for a friend, but was just counting down the minutes until I could try it myself. Such a colossal cookie must taste spectacular, I thought.

When my friend and I finally broke out the cookie for desert, one bite confirmed my worst suspicions - this cookie wasn't even that great by average cookie size standards! Truth be told, it didn't even taste much like a cookie - more like shortbread that happened to be shaped like a cookie with chocolate chips. I expected it to be great, chiefly due to its size. I'm glad I didn't purchase an apple turnover. Those were twice the size of the chocolate chip cookies.