Why I will never leave the house without floss again

Yesterday I had a particularly embarrassing, and well, distasteful moment that I just had to share with you. That's the beauty of a blog, you see. You have a built-in, somewhat captive audience to share all of your amazing and not so amazing moments. This is a not so amazing moment. Brace yourselves.

I had just finished scarfing down my salad, and was about to run out the door to meet a group. My co-workers were waiting in the hallway, and I ran to the restroom first. Upon gazing into the mirror, I realized that a rather large piece of kale was firmly wedged between my front two teeth.

I tried to get it out with my fingernail, and then, in desperation, pulled out a piece of my hair to use as a makeshift piece of floss. My friend, in high school, always told us this story that right before she had to go onstage during a musical performance, she discovered something was in her teeth and she used her hair as floss. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I decided to follow the same path.

So, I succeeded in getting the kale out...but the piece of hair broke, and I was left with a piece of hair sticking out of my front tooth. Yikes. What was I supposed to do? The hair looked WAY worse than the piece of kale...

I couldn't google image that one, but you get the picture.

Finally, I took out my earring, and somehow managed to extract the hair from my teeth. I am never leaving the house without floss again!