Baking my cake and eating it too

I don't have the best track record when it comes to baking, so this certainly won't ever become a baking blog. Honestly, I don't know why I have to make it so difficult for myself. I don't use mixes (usually), I rarely repeat recipes, and I usually try something that's, well, complicated. I'm going to a 20's themed Murder Mystery party tomorrow, so when googling "cakes from the 1920's", a Pineapple upside-down cake came up. Easy enough, right? Here's the cake from Smitten Kitchen I tried to emulate.

My main problem with baking comes with the specificity. I have a really big problem following directions to the T. I put in too many slices of pineapple and a bit too much butter because I didn't have the patience to measure it.

I had picked out organic cane sugar instead of conventional, so the cake didn't seem sweet enough to me. To compensate, I just added a bunch more plus some brown sugar. I didn't mix the dry and wet ingredients separately. I didn't mix part of this or part of that - I just added everything together. So, it didn't look that great at this point. Not to mention that I discovered while mixing the cake batter that I don't currently own a round baking pan, so I used the cast-iron skillet instead.

When I tried to transfer it from the skillet to the plate, some cake fell off. Rather than try to salvage it...I decided to see if the cake was any good. Turns out that the initial tasting yielded positive results.

It turns out that once I sprinkled some rum over top of the cake and put good use to the remaining pineapple slices, it didn't look half bad. Yes, you can probably find the part that looks like someone just took a big bite out of it. Still, a good effort from me, with the help of Smitten Kitchen of course.

One thing is for certain. Cooking with me is always an adventure.