Crazy cat lady?

I have always loved cats. I grew up with them and swore that the first thing I would do when I got my own place would be to get a cat of my own.

Somehow, seven years into having my own place...still no cat. Some of my friends who know me the best are kind of perplexed. I do have legitimate reasons. I often like to travel - sometimes at the last minute, and preferably internationally. I do have friends who are allergic to cats. I don't love the cat hair all over my clothes. 

In some sense, I think the term "crazy cat lady" has gotten to me a little over the years. I live alone, and friends have joked that all I need is a couple of cats to complete the picture. It's interesting that often women who live alone with cats get the "crazy" label. When did that happen, society?

I'm cat-sitting at the moment, and tonight, when I walked in, this particular cat ran downstairs and practically jumped into my arms. In that moment, being called a "crazy cat lady" somehow didn't seem so bad.