Dance like no one's watching...

There's a reason the quote, "Dance like no one's watching" is so popular. In fact, I'm not even sure where it originated. My research tells me it's been attributed to Mark Twain, Alfred D. Souza, and William Purkey, to name a few.

Here's my understanding of this quote. Well, technically, it's a quotation. When I was an associate teacher, my lead teacher hated the word "quote" because she said it wasn't accurate. I could write a whole blog just about her and her idiosyncrasies, but I digress.

I believe the idea of dancing like no one's watching is so enticing because it seems to grant you permission to literally and figuratively put yourself out there, 100 %, not caring about anyone else's opinion.

In my life, this has been a hard philosophy to adopt. I am always too painfully aware that others ARE watching, and it's hard for me not to worry about what they must be thinking.

Yet, surprisingly, on the dance floor, ever since high school, I have been able to truly dance like no one is watching. For some reason, during my freshman year of college I embraced my dorky dance moves, and I've never looked back.

That brings me to today. Lately, I've been obsessed with this song:

It was a bit after 5 pm, and I was sure no one was in the office. I'm sure you all remember that I sit on an exercise ball chair.
There I was, literally dancing like no one was watching to the aforementioned song, except it was more of a chair dance. I was seriously grooving while bouncing away on my ball chair...until I heard, "Uh...Julie?" I turned around, and my co-worker was standing there laughing at me. "Have a good night," he called as he walked out the door.

It's always a good idea to dance like no one is watching. However, it's slightly embarrassing to dance like no one is watching, and to then realize that someone has been watching. Yikes.