Don't irritate the Megabus driver

As I've said countless times, there's always something with the Megabus. In fact, if I wanted to become a full-time writer, I should probably just ride buses all over America. I would have the craziest stories!

It's pretty typical for the bus driver to make some kind of speech at the beginning of the ride. Every bus driver seems to have their hot button issue, or non-negotiable that they like to rant about to their captive audience. For some, it's trash. For others, it's walking around. For this bus driver, it was long cell phone conversations.

"Be sure to not have extended phone conversations," he said in this deep smoky, radio type voice. "NONE of your fellow passengers care about your conversation with whomever in California!" If anyone was about to make a call, they certainly didn't dare at that moment. Well, for the moment.

About a half an hour later, we heard the PA system again. "Why is it always that the one person who wants to have a phone call sits directly above me?" the bus driver publicly groused. "If I am going to drive this bus without becoming irritated, please stop your conversation." The person on the cell phone kept talking. "I will drive this bus either way, irritated or not irritated. But if I get irritated, I will call the State Trooper and have you removed from this bus!"

At this point, although we were a bit too scared to talk to each other about it, I was almost sure that the entire bus was willing to delay their trip to see a State Trooper take out a passenger for talking on their cell phone. 

Luckily, he or she must have ended their conversation, because we all made it to DC in one piece. In fact, our bus driver even closed us out with a prayer. I swear, you can't make this stuff up.