It's just like riding a bike

When people say, "it's just like riding a bike", they usually mean that once you learn how to do something, you'll never forget it. You never forget how to ride a bike even if you haven't ridden in years, and that applies to several other areas of life.

Speaking of bike riding specifically, and not the greater meaning of this idiom, I rode a bike today for the first time in two years. As I've previously mentioned, I managed to break both of my wrists within a two year period, therefore, the closest I've come to getting back on the bike was a stationary gym bike - one that couldn't tip over.

I didn't break my wrists on a bike, but I have managed to get my bike stuck in those trolley tracks that Philadelphia just seems to keep around for old time's sakes. Of course the bike flipped over, landing me smack on my left side. The two elderly men who witnessed it were the spitting image of those two elderly gentlemen from the Muppets.

"You gotta avoid those tracks!"
"That's why you wear a helmet!" (I was, in fact, wearing a helmet.)
"Look out for those tracks!"

Clearly, they were a lot of help. So I guess you could say I'm a nervous bicyclist. It's hard to not feel like my accident-prone self should not be operating any kind of heavy machinery. Yet today, after getting my bike tuned up, I tried again. I was somewhat wobbily, and I was possibly the slowest bicyclist on the road, but I just kept biking, one foot after the other.