Thicker skin

Developing a "thick skin" is, like most strategies, easier said than done. For me, this has been a life-long struggle.

I seem to have been born with the "people-pleaser" gene. Knowing someone is disappointed in me or frustrated with me can easily dominate my thoughts.

With the ability to text and email, it can be harder than every for me to gauge tone of voice. Sometimes, I wish that everyone would just use emoticons after each sentence they wrote - just so I would know that we were okay.

Today at work, I spent quite a few minutes obsessing over the brevity and perceived tone of an email. Finally, I had to make a choice. I could spend the entire day dwelling over this interaction. Or, I could take a deep breath, get back to my work, and move on.

I will always be sensitive. It's one of my core qualities, and I've come to appreciate it. In fact, I believe it makes my relationships better. I will always want people to be happy. I may never truly grow that elusive thick skin. But my sensitivity doesn't have to dominate my life.