Try it on

At work today the youth presented what they had learned this summer in their cooking, gardening and teaching programs. It was so inspiring and moving. I know that the type of work we are doing is making a difference.

One of our norms is to "Try it on." In practice, it means trying new things and being open to the possibility of being surprised by what you discover.

I found myself manning the sandwich table, since I didn't really have a hand in planning the event. Ironically, even though all summer our youth had been learning to "Eat a Rainbow" (different colors of fruits and veggies), when choosing sandwiches, several stayed away from the delicious grilled veggie sandwiches. A couple peered at them curiously.

"Try it on," I urged them. "You might be surprised."

I had been hearing over and over how much the youth had been affected by their summer. Yet the sweetest moment to me was when one young man bit into a grilled veggie sandwich. He looked at me, smiled widely, and said, "That's just veggies?? It's so good!"