Flirting for the good of the group

My grandma has always told me that I am a flirt. During the summers, we would go to this famous place in Missouri, the restaurant with the "throwed rolls". Basically, that meant that you never knew when an out-of-this-world, fresh hot roll was going to be "throwed" at you. My grandma always swore that I flirted with the waiter to get extra hot rolls. "You're trouble!", she would say, winking with mischief in her grin.

I have never considered myself a flirt in any way, shape or form, but I do believe that a big smile can go a LONG way (and I believe I learned that skill from my grandma herself). Tonight, having dinner, the manager stopped by. He asked how everything was, and we struck up a conversation. We found out that he actually grew up in Arkansas and I told him all about my family history there.

The next thing you knew, we all had free samples of ice cream. Flirting? In that moment, it wasn't my intention to flirt. I just smiled widely and asked a ton of questions. But hey - tomato, tomahto, right?