Instantaneous Gratification

We are in an era of instant gratification. We can order food and have it ready in minutes. Instead of waiting to check out a movie from the video store, we can directly access it online. Clothing can be purchased with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Even photos (if posted on social media) are immediately available for viewing.

It's made us impatient, to say the least. We don't want to wait for anything. That's why the invention of Netflix can be a bit...dangerous.

Orange is the New Black is an original Netflix series that was released in July. All at once. That means that the entire first season was available the first day. Hmm. What does that mean, then, for those of us who can't keep chocolate in our houses without eating it, or who can't go to sleep until they finish a new book? I believe the term might be binge watching.

Today, my fellow viewer and I had a decision. We were 7 episodes into the 13 episode arc, which brought us to our dilemma: should we watch one or two episodes, and save the rest? Or, should we just go ahead and commit to finishing the series?

You can probably guess what won. And that, my readers, is how I spent my Labor Day. I ate the entire proverbial chocolate cake in one sitting.