On the way back from a conference in Harrisburg today, my co-workers and I played 11 rounds of MASH. You remember MASH, right? From middle school? In a very scientific way (ha!), you decided whether your friends would live in a Mansion, an Apartment, a Shack or a House. You also added in job choice, number of kids, mode of transportation, spouse and living locale.

Since it's been let's see....almost 20 years since I've played this game, as you can imagine, my world views have changed a bit. I now have more specific visions of all of these topics. I also noticed that my brain doesn't naturally stretch to dream big like I used to (like when I swore I would marry Leonardo DiCaprio). Sometimes I think it's easier for kids to imagine that anything can be possible. As adults, we already have so much set in place that so often we think of all the reasons why something can't happen before thinking of what could happen.

Once I realized this today, I made a concerted effort to think outside of the box. I suggested flying as a mode of transportation, Neal Patrick Harris as my future spouse, Argentina as a place I'd love to live, and a travel writer as my profession. Hey, anything could happen, right??

Unfortunately, since the rules of MASH dictate that I only got one choice of my own per category, I of course ended up living in a shack in Dallas, TX, married to Ben Stiller, with 4 kids, a CIA agent with a cover of used car salesman, and doing the moonwalk as my form of transportation.