Principals who persevere

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying two educators to meet school principals to try and get them excited about partnering with our program. This week was the first week of school in Philly, and Philly is in a severe crisis. Most Philly public schools are missing counselors, nurses and secretaries. All week, I've been hearing horror stories from my friends. I was a bit apprehensive before these meetings, because at the end of such a tough first week of school in Philly, I expected principals to be extremely stressed out and skeptical. 

Yet the two principals I met with today were bright, energetic and fairly cheerful in the face of all of these problems. They were hugely supportive of our program and said they fully supported nutrition education. I couldn't imagine how they could still be functional, let alone motivated after a week like this. Someone needs to be reporting these amazing educators in Philly.