Teenage girls or old women?

This weekend I'm visiting my dearest friend from college in NYC. We've known each other for almost fifteen years, we've taken two international trips together and we've spent countless weekends between Philly and NYC visiting each other. When we first met, we were 18. Now, we're 31. Lately, we've experienced moments in which we have started to feel, well, older.

Today, shopping, we stopped in H and M to try and find some fall scarves. Within minutes of being blinded by neon colors and deafened by the loud pulsating music, we looked at each other, shook our heads and wondered, "Are we too old now to shop at H and M?"

Yet we also experience moments in which we've felt much younger. Walking out of the coffee shop today, I glanced back and noticed my friend doubled over in laughter. When we got outside, I asked her what on earth had happened. She told me about an awkward encounter with another customer that wouldn't seem funny if re-told, but somehow to us was hilarious. We walked down the street, howling with laughter like teenagers, causing the other passersby to notice our commotion.

Teenage girls or old women? Obviously we're somewhere in-between.