There's no bad time to have a picnic

I spent most of this glorious day outside, first at a fall festival and then at a cider festival. Fall festivals in Philly are the best! I brought my amazing picnic blanket that folds up into a handy dandy bag with me, and it proved to be quite necessary. At one point, my friend and I were waiting for other friends, on a street corner. There was a tiny patch of grass. I looked at my friend, and suggested that we just lie down on the picnic blanket and have a nap until they got there. Within seconds, that tiny patch of city grass was transformed into a comfy resting place, and we were set. Sure, we got some weird looks from the passersby, but I learned at that point that often the only thing holding you back from a picnic is a picnic blanket. Well, and some food if you really want to be technical about it.