Trying to bike like I'm French

I've always loved all things French. I love the language, the music, the art, the food and the overall joie de vivre of the people. So while biking to work today, I tried to pretend I was French. How would a French woman ride a bike?

A French woman would ride in style, preferably in heels.

A French woman wouldn't have a helmet - it wouldn't go with her outfit. She would also be riding a sleek cruiser bike.

Finally, a French woman would never break a sweat.

As I struggled on my hand-me-down Schwinn bike up the long final hill with my bright red cheeks and less than totally savvy outfit, I noted ruefully that I probably would never bike with as much ease as the French. I certainly would never lose the helmet - too many people wouldn't let me get away with that.

Then, I noticed a woman biking with a Starbucks coffee in her hand, leisurely steering with the other hand. Vraiment francaise!