Fork or spoon?

I took a red-eye flight for the first time since college last night/this morning and although I hate to say it, this may be one of those "I'm getting old" posts. In college, red-eye flights from California to DC were a standard practice.

Even though I usually didn't get sleep, I could make it through the day just fine. This time around, my 31-year old self noticed some slight departures from my 20-year old experience.

In college, I didn't mind when the people in front of me were loudly talking. Now, I wanted to use my teacher voice to tell them to pipe down.

In college, I wouldn't care what people were eating on the plane. Now, when the woman beside me ate various fasts foods for what seemed like three hours, I wanted to lecture her on her health.

In college, I could fall asleep fairly comfortably sitting up. Now, I woke up and had a stiff neck.

However, the greatest difference may in fact be my cognitive abilities. In college, I could get away with not sleeping AND still making sense the next day. Now....

I ordered a soup for lunch and asked for a fork. The man gave me a sort of odd look, but went along with my request. I took the fork, sat down at my table, tried to eat my lentil soup, and immediately started getting annoyed at the fact that they had given me a fork when I had specifically asked for a spoon. Who eats soups with forks? I was about to go on a rant. When I went back up to the counter, I asked for a spoon and the man burst out laughing. "I thought you actually wanted a spoon, but I thought, hey, I'll just go along with it." I realized in that moment that I wasn't making much sense at all (I probably shouldn't be blogging right now), sheepishly went back to my seat, ate my soup with a spoon, and ordered an extra coffee.