Frank Sinatra is a liar

Today, I met an elderly gentleman of 91 in a coffee shop. Of course, you'll say. I do tend to gravitate towards older people. I think it's partially because my grandma is my best friend. To me, after so many years, every older person has such an amazing story to tell, and I love to listen. This particular gentleman, who introduced himself as Dr. Evans, was talking about his wife of 75 years who had recently passed away. He told me how wonderful she was, and what a shame it was that she had passed away first. Don't get me wrong - he was incredibly optimistic and upbeat, but my heart ached for his loss.

"Now I'm alone," he said. "And you know what? Frank Sinatra is a really ISN'T better the second time around - for me, the second time around just isn't better."

It made me really ponder the meaning of one of Frank's most lyrical songs, "The Second Time Around". Was Frank trying to get over a breakup? Trying to be hopeful for future loves? And, if we are really being honest, once you are 91 and have been married for 75 years, wouldn't you just assume it's game over time for love?

I can't stop thinking about Dr. Evans, and his first time around. I'm so glad he found his true love on his first try. I'm assuming it had to have been pretty darn fabulous.