Oh, TOM!

I'm not actually talking about my father here (his name is Tom). I'm talking about TOM's. You know, the amazingly cute, trendy shoe. The one that goes with EVERYTHING. The one that manages to be casual yet fancy at the same time??!!! I love, love love TOM's.

In fact, I just got brand-new TOM's. After a couple of weeks, they looked like this:

At first, I didn't blame the TOM's. They're too cute to blame. I mean, look at the one place that's actually beaten up! I was convinced for a couple of days that I was just walking the wrong way. So I went into my chiropractor appointment today, sure I had made some huge discovery.

"Look!" I said. "Couldn't this be the reason for all of my back problems?? Clearly, I'm walking the wrong way!"

"Um..." my somewhat judgmental chiropractor said. "Those are just really badly made shoes." I looked down and saw that she had a pair of TOMS on herself. In that moment, I bit my tongue.