Pretty coffee

I was a barista for quite some time. First at Starbucks, then at a sweet spot called Abbot's Habit, and then at a coffee catering company. I LOVE the smell of coffee, and I love making coffee. Yet I am not entirely sold on actual coffee. My dad always says that when he was young, his dad would give him a spoonful of sugar with a bit of coffee soaked in, and gradually he decreased the amount of sugar in the spoonful. He did the same with me, but I'm still hooked on the sugar. I like coffee ice cream, coffee drinks, and coffee with LOTS of sugar and milk. Some might say I'm kind of a coffee wimp.

One of my favorite parts of coffee drinks is that they can be so beautiful. In my day as a barista, we just made the coffee. Nowadays, coffee is an art. Today, when I got my pumpkin spice latte, I literally said quite loudly, "Woah, are you serious??!" The barista laughed. I had the most gorgeous cup of coffee in front of me. I almost didn't want to even drink it.