The downside of google maps

I have a pretty bad sense of direction. Okay, I'll admit it. I have a terrible sense of direction. Unlike my mother, who only has to go someplace once and she remembers how to go back, I can get lost going someplace I've been a dozen times before. I honestly don't know how I survived driving cross country by myself, constantly pulling over and triple-checking my atlas. 

Once I got my iPhone, I was thrilled that I would have to supposedly never face this problem again. I wouldn't have to write down directions and then pull over to gas stations, asking over and over again why one step just didn't seem to lead to the next. 

Yet today, the geography of Washington, DC was just too much to handle. You see, in DC, addresses can be NW, NE, SE and SW. Yes, that's right. One has to be very specific when entering an address to get the correct quadrant. That's why, early this morning, I found myself in the exact opposite direction that I was meant to be. In that moment, I resolved for the 100th time to just study a map. Anyone want to help me?