The fun of being scared

I've never been the one to voluntarily choose a scary movie, read a horror novel or write a ghost story. In fact, up until high school I would just flat our refuse to put myself in a situation where I was going to be scared. I had no interest in waiting to see exactly how the heroine in a movie died. I wanted comedy, romance and adventure. Terror had no hold on my choices.

In high school, my friend finally convinced me to watch the "Scream" movies. I realized that they weren't so bad. In fact, it was kind of fun to watch a movie and to jump and scream every once in a while. Of course, I would have to hold his hand while I watched and hide my face at some parts but overall, I did enjoy myself.

Fast forward to the present, where Halloween just doesn't feel right unless I attend a Haunted House at a prison and a Haunted Forest that's actually in the middle of the woods. Now, I love being scared. Well, that may be an exaggeration. I love being scared in small doses. Tonight, I went to the Haunted Forest, carrying on a time-honored tradition with that same friend from high school who introduced me to scary movies, and it was exhilarating. The rush of adrenaline I got from being scared was an amazing natural high. Jumping a bit and screaming in terror was soon replaced by laughing hysterically at how scared I was. 

As we were leaving the Haunted Forest, a group of kids walked up to us. "Is it scary?" they asked. "YES!" I said before thinking, realizing that I wasn't giving the answer they wanted to hear. "But...scary in a fun way!" I tried to add. 

I probably will never be one to want to get in bed with a Steven King novel, but I do love a good haunted house at Halloween. Even though I'll always be scared, I think it's more fun that way.