The Little Squash That Could

Neil was just an ordinary carnival squash, sitting at the grocery store with all his friends. He stared longingly at the display of pumpkins which were being purchased by the dozen. I'm a perfectly good carving shape and size, he thought. Why doesn't anyone pick me?

Finally, the magical date of October 31st came around, and all the pumpkins were purchased. Neil sighed. Well, he thought. I missed my chance. Just then, a desperate brave soul marched over and picked him up. "Look", she said to her friends, "who cares if they're out of pumpkins? I'll just carve this cool squash instead!" Her friends laughed. "A squash is not a pumpkin!" they said.

As Neil sat on the table, waiting patiently to be carved, he sized up his competition. Those are pretty cool pumpkins, he thought. All I've ever wanted is to fit in. Only one of the girl's friends believed in her. "I love the creativity of the squash," she said. "Great idea!" When Neil was carved and accessorized, he puffed up with pride. I look pretty good, if I do say so myself, he thought.

Even better, Neil had a new friend.

Neil glowed just as brightly as any pumpkin ever would...

...and by the end of the night, Neil had a brand new set of friends: Esmerelda, Petey/Ernie, Pheonix and Felix. They accepted him, even though he was a bit different.

The girl decided that perhaps she'd make a tradition from that point on of carving a squash each year. Happy Halloween!
The End