You gotta take care of your face

In Sephora today I had a rather clarifying moment. You see, historically I have been extremely lucky with my skin. I didn't have much acne at all as a kid. I've never really had to wear make-up. I've just always been okay without having to put much effort into it.

Before you start to hate me, let's fast-forward several years to the point a couple years ago when I discovered I have rosacea. At first I just thought my cheeks were naturally rosy. My mom always said I would never need to put on blush. It got a bit worse than that. Still, even with my trips to the dermatologist and my special soap...I didn't put that much effort into taking care of my face. I even (gasp) used regular Curel body lotion as a moisturizer. It just wasn't a priority. I wasn't happy with the fact that my skin was looking worse and worse...but I wasn't doing anything about it either.

Today, in Sephora when I confessed this all to Brian, the amazingly nice salesman, his look of pure horror really did it for me. After hearing a well-intentioned lecture about how taking care of my skin now would make me so much happier later, I bought some very expensive skincare products and immediately resolved to start my new skin care regiment ASAP.