The intricacies of the trees

Today, driving back from a conference, I noticed that fall has come to an end. No more yellow and red leaves! It made me really sad at first. After all, those fall colors are something I anticipate every year. It's always the start of something special - perhaps, constantly being on a school schedule has made the fall my own personal New Year. Now, without the leaves, it's easy to get a bit down. The days are getting shorter, it's colder, and some days even the prospect of wearing my new red coat isn't enough to get me out of my warm bed.

Yet today, I noticed something about the trees. Sure, they were barren of leaves, but my grandma has always had a different way of looking at life. I remember very distinctly a conversation we once had about bare trees. "When you don't have the leaves in the way," she said, "You can really get to see the true nature of the tree. It's so intricate, you know? When the leaves are there, you just don't get the full story."

So today, Grandma Genie, rather than seeing a stark and bitter landscape, I really took in the intricacies of the trees. Thanks for always helping me to see the deeper picture.