There's always the second impression

Today, I was in a restaurant at a hotel for a conference, trying to do some work. I was all alone, save the table of six very loud women, maybe in their 60's, next to me. My first impression was complete annoyance. Why, I thought, did they have to be carrying on and laughing uproariously at 1 pm? 

I asked the server to move me, and was even a bit snarky about it. I pulled out my laptop and set out to work, but I could still hear them. 

After a little while, I realized that they were talking about a book. My attitude softened a bit. Books always get me. A few more minutes of listening I realized they might be a book club. I couldn't resist finding out.

I went over and started exchanging book ideas with them. They were more than delighted to chat - and luckily, didn't seem to realize that I had been complaining to the waiter about them just minutes before. On second impression, I was more than happy to share the quiet restaurant with this boisterous group of ladies.