Love Actually is...actually a great film

Tonight, I coerced L and two of my friends to watch Love, Actually. Yeah, don't pretend like you've never heard of it.

It's my ultimate favorite holiday feel-good movie. Why, you ask? Even if you didn't, I'll enlighten you. One, it has British actors. I personally believe that anything is funnier said in a British accent. Two, all the stories connect in a really cool way. Three, it's all a big countdown to Christmas! But when I actually think about it (Love, Actually - hee hee), I love it because it's one big sappy declaration of love. As evidenced the the fact that I must have squealed at least 10 times at a cute/romantic/cheesy moment. I love the movie's point of view that Christmas is a good time to tell someone you love them, that airports are one of the places you can witness true love, and that lobsters and an octopus clearly belong in the nativity scene. The love in the movie doesn't always work out, and some of the characters aren't happy in the end. Yet everyone tries. As the 9-year old boy who is in love with the 10-year old singer in his class says, "Let's go get the shit kicked out of us by love."