Manning the elevator

This post is from Saturday...I don't know why it didn't post!

On the elevator up from a parking garage today to see a movie, a little boy approximately age 5 stood at the front of the elevator.

"Come on in!" he declared. "I'm holding the door! I'm holding the door!" His younger brother, possibly age 2, kept wanting to press all the buttons.

"Not now", the 5 year old admonished. He very carefully helped his brother press the right button, and then we were off. "

First, we arrived at the next level of parking. "Not this one!!", the little boy said. "We're not there yet!"

When we got to the movie theater level, the little boy helped everyone get off safely. "Holding the door! I'm holding the door!"

It was the most efficient and mannerly elevator ride I've ever been on. Perhaps we should all start acting like 5 year old gentlemen again.