Oh, Cactus

There's one restaurant in DC that I always seem to keep getting back to - a Mexican restaurant where all the high school kids hang out. I waitressed there in college. Somehow, I always get pulled back. Tonight, dining there with a friend from high school, while coincidentally getting seated next to my brother and his girlfriend and running into some of his classmates having a high school reunion, I reminisced about my days as a waitress there. On my final night, there was a snafu with a gift receipt, and I was told that I had to take responsibility for it and receive no tips. I remember leaving on such a sour note that I actually stole an entire huge jar of paprika. Why the paprika? It seemed like a good idea at the time. I like to think I've outgrown that rebel against authority phase. Probably no one ever noticed my huge act of rebellion, which is ultimately for the best. I do like a good swirl margarita and some queso dip every once in a while.