The moment when I almost hugged the FedEx guy

I know that mine is one of the thousands of Christmas shipping stories. Usually, I forget to order presents until it's too late, and then I have to pay extra for shipping and wait anxiously as Christmas day creeps closer and closer. However, this year I was prepared. I ordered a globe on December 9th. On December 19th, I received the following email:
Hello Julia L,
There has been an unexpected delay with your order# 1640781532 due to the popularity of the items below, which are temporarily out of stock. Your new delivery estimate is 03/20/2014

March 20th, 2014???? I was, as you can imagine, fuming. I called customer service and spent an hour on the phone arguing about how if an item was out of stock they should have told me MUCH sooner and finally got them to ship another globe overnight. A very nice woman named Sarah assured me the new globe would arrive on Friday the 20th. 

Friday the 20th rolled around, and no globe showed up. At this point, Monday the 23rd was the last shot before Christmas. I spent all morning inwardly panicking. 

Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore and I would have to present the dreaded IOU instead of the actual gift, a FedEx guy came through the door with the globe. I practically jumped up and down, and had to restrain myself from hugging him. He looked understandably surly.