No Other Angle The Same: Fresh Lettuce

MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) Museum
Giovanni Anselmo
Senza titolo (Struttura che mangia)
Untitled (Eating Structure)
New York, NY
Saturday, January 11th
4:31 PM

I tend to get kind of snarky when I look at modern art. Call me old-fashioned, but when I go into an art gallery I like to see work one of my former 3rd grade students couldn't have crafted. You can imagine my comments when I saw this. (So now lettuce, sawdust and granite are considered art??? Really?? Come on!)

Yet, as is the case usually with modern art (for me), it's all in the description. I realized that the lettuce has to be changed every few days or the granite stone will fall when the lettuce wilts. The idea that lettuce can hold up a stone is kind of cool. I also read more about why this artist chose these elements. It's pretty interesting.

Still, though, I have to admit that I would take Van Gogh's Starry Night over Senza titolo any day.