No Other News The Same: 2 inches

Last week in Philadelphia, 14 inches of snow shut down the city for 1 day. Apparently in Atlanta it takes 2 inches to shut down the city for 3 days. This was completely unnecessary. Yes, the South isn't used to snow, and freezing temperatures are difficult, yet it's irresponsible to not have an emergency plan in place for a city. Due to the fact that Atlanta is a commuter city, when everyone tried to rush home at once upon the beginnings of snow, the city was quickly gridlocked.  Even though Atlanta knew the "storm" was coming, no one thought to salt the roads in advance. Children had to sleep in schoolspeople died in traffic accidentsflights were cancelled, and the list goes on and on. Yes, some will say that since it never snows in Atlanta, it doesn't make sense to prepare for snow. Yet the one time it did, Atlanta's failure to prepare resulted in the city (as well as anyone trying to get to the city or connect through the city) suffering the consequence.