No Other _____ The Same: Perspective

Today, as was the case of countless thankful teachers in the Philadelphia area, my workplace was closed, and I did not go in. When I first looked at my phone in the morning, my friend was already trying to contact me to urge me to get going so we could indulge in our favorite snow day ritual - brunch. On weekends, it's impossible to get into this place without waiting. The irony is that it has just a few tables inside and a huge waiting area outside where no one ever eats. Today, we sailed right in without a problem and sat down. We were in high spirits.

"Happy Snow Day!" we said cheerfully to our waitress. She smiled ruefully at us, and we thanked her for being open. "Yeah, no snow day for me!" she said. "At 5 AM when I was walking to work and the wind was howling and I was freezing, I thought - this is hell. This is actually, hell." We apologized and thanked her again for being open.

Snow days are heaven for some, and hell for others. Perspective...