No Other ______ The Same: Uhuru is Moving

Walking home tonight, I came across this sign.

To some, this might not seem like a big deal. After all, Uhuru is simply a used furniture store, and a pretty odd used furniture store at that. Exhibit A: the sculpture in the window.

Yet Uhuru for me is synonymous with my introduction to Philadelphia 7 years ago. When I moved into my very first apartment without roommates, in a new city, with no furniture, I would go back and forth from Uhuru practically daily. Everything in there was cheap and definitely had a story. Throwing a dinner party? I'd pick up a new chair for $10. Needed one more wine glass? They had three for $5.00.

Uhuru is a project of the African People's Education and Defense Fund, so all purchases go to a good cause. Yet my relationship with Uhuru got a little bit awkward when I inadvertently got on their mailing list and Ruby, the manager, began calling and emailing me to come to all of their meetings. I said I could come to the meetings, but I didn't have extra money to donate. It turns out that she really wanted the money. I started avoiding Uhuru, a difficult feat since inevitably it would be on my way home.

I'm not sure what will replace it, but I doubt the new store will have the panache of Uhuru. Maybe I'll stop on in during the next couple of weeks, brave the chance of seeing Ruby, and pick up one more weird lamp to add to my unique furniture collection.