No Other Dish The Same: Butternut Squash Ravioli

Let me just say first - YUM! When your foodie friend who is an amazing chef invites you over to make butternut squash ravioli, you accept. I need to preface this post with a couple of disclaimers.

I didn't make the pasta - it was purchased from the Italian Market.

I also didn't make the butternut squash puree - my fantastic friend did. 

However, the recipe seems fairly straightforward.

I did, however, form the raviolis, which in my mind, is the most fun! Take a square (you have to have someone precise cut them first - not it :), and add a dab of filling, wet the edges with water, press a top later on, crimp the edges with a fork...

And voila!

Pretty fancy!

The next part is super easy - boil water, put the raviolis in and wait until they rise to the top. No timing, no measuring - just wait until they float. Since it was fresh pasta - it took ONE MINUTE. Usually pasta takes 8-9 minutes!

Then my friend made this amazing butter sauce that she just whipped up with all kinds of spices - I'm sure I could never replicate it.

And we served the ravioli with swiss chard. So good!

I'm determined to try this on my own in the near future. Trip to Philly's Italian Market, anyone?