No Other Dish The Same: Grandma Frances' Macaroni and Cheese

For book club this week, we had to make a dish that we associated with a story from our childhood. I could think of many. Goulash, my dad's famous spaghetti, my mom's strawberry pie, biscuits and gravy, oyster rolls, pancakes on the weekend, and the list goes on and on. I opted to make my Grandma Frances' macaroni and cheese. It's extremely simple. You cook a pound of macaroni, and dump it into a pan.

Next, you add cheese.

Then cottage cheese.

And finally, you mix it all together.

You bake it for around 45 minutes (with my oven it only had to bake for 30), and then serve! Voila! Sadly, I forgot a picture of the final product - it looks much more appetizing than my last picture. I couldn't come up with a story around this dish. After all, my grandma was Viennese, and macaroni and cheese is an American dish. All I remembered eating this tonight was the warmth and comfort I felt every time I have eaten it.