No Other News The Same: Don't Trust Washington

I'm going to level with you here. The reason I started this weekly Op-Ed was to hold myself accountable to actually keeping up with the news. The actual news, not news about TV shows. So I'm not quite there as of today. Yet I've been noticing (along with numerous other viewers) that my hometown of Washington, DC (the place where the government actual news happens) is being portrayed by multiple television shows right now; House of Cards, Scandal, Veep, and Homeland, to mention a few. While the show The West Wing was a source of comfort of how things could be for those liberal Democrats dealing with the Bush White House, these new shows send one big collective message: Don't Trust Washington.

Although I've just begun my foray into House of Cards (don't judge me for joining the game so late), the Washington of House of Cards is one big game. Literally, one big game of cards. This show portrays a House representative who literally controls everyone around him. Not to mention, someone who finds nothing wrong with strategically linking government inside information to a major Washington newspaper.

There's never a dull moment in Scandal, a TV show that constantly makes you question the ethics of government - from election rigging to torture to faking pregnancies and relationships. Yes, the show often goes a bit over the top, but you are constantly left wondering, "Do you think that could really happen? Does that happen?" It seems like the government is barely being held together.

The bottom line is that no one knows what goes on behind Washington's closed doors. Republicans and Democrats are both equal offenders. Yet it seems that the public assumes it's pretty shady. I'll be watching the return of Scandal tonight, and I'll keep ya posted.