No Other _____ The Same: Philly's Rep

Saturday evening, coming back from devouring delicious tofu hoagies and chocolate with a friend in West Philly, the trolley was crowded and rowdy. A group asked me where I was getting off. 

"Oh, Center City..." I replied vaguely. 

"Which station is Center City?" 

I told them more specifically where I was planning to disembark, noting in my head that my mother would have probably advised me against telling perfect strangers my exact travel plans. 

"Oh, that's where our hotel is!" they exclaimed. "Can you point us in the right direction?" 

I decided to trust them and showed them the way. 

"You know, you just raised Philly's reputation infinitely in our eyes," they said as they thanked me. 

"Why?", I asked innocently. "Does Philly have a bad reputation?"