No Other Tale The Same: Something Borrowed

Yep, Something Borrowed by Emily Griffith is complete and utter chick lit. And yes, I 'm not ashamed to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. There's something about reading a book solely focused on the inner workings of the female mind obsessed with a complicated relationship that is oddly comforting, since, as a woman, we've all been there.

The plot is fairly straightforward. Darcy and Rachel have been best friends since childhood. Darcy is engaged to Dex, whom Rachel met in law school. On her 30th birthday, Dex and Rachel start having an affair. The major twist is that Darcy is actually a pretty selfish person who constantly competes with Rachel and puts her down. The book has you torn between the two friends, wanting Rachel to be with her true love and at the same time, wanting Darcy and Rachel to remain friends and for Darcy to be happy. I won't spoil the end, in case you're due for a quick read. Even though this novel isn't Shakespeare, it's definitely a page-turner.