No Other Dish The Same: Blue Apron's Manhattan Fish Chowder

Imagine a world where your dinner ingredients are delivered in a box.

That box contains three easy to follow recipes:

Recipes that have pictures on them are always the best!!!! It helps for the recipe-challenged like me at least. Oh, and all of the ingredients are pre-proportioned out:

Even right down to the tiny bottle of Tabasco sauce:

It's a magical, magical thing. It was so easy! I just chopped everything up...

....and cooked it right up!


It was sooooo much fun!

Blue Apron is a pretty cool website, and it really helps when your amazing friend gives you a free trial. With that one albeit huge box, I had three meals just waiting to be prepared. I will say that there was way too much packaging included. Yet it seems to solve some main cooking frustrations - grocery shopping, choosing what to buy, having too much of one ingredient, etc. It definitely has kept me from going out as much as I might have this week. I also wouldn't have thought of making the three dishes for this week: Manhattan Fish Chowder, Chicken Shawarma with tzatziki, hummus and beet salad and Braised Carrots, Mushrooms and Brussels Sprouts with Creamy Polenta. Yum!