No Other Dish The Same: Mini Frittatas

Every once in a while, you start cooking for a book club about 40 minutes prior to their guests arriving. Luckily, tonight's menu was breakfast for dinner, so the food didn't take a huge amount of time to prepare. Plus, my friends always pitch in.

So, these mini frittatas - I've been waiting to do this ever since my mother bought me these cute little muffin tins for Christmas. It turns out that mini frittatas are pretty easy. I found this recipe on this blog called Italian Food Forever. It seems like there are tons of amazing recipes there!

So I started out by mixing eggs and milk. I substituted almond milk.

Then, I filled in my cute little mini muffin tins with the egg and almond milk mix.

Next, I put a bit of sauteed spinach and mushrooms into each muffin tin. The next two steps were the sundried tomatoes and goat cheese. My friends helped out with those steps.

And after a short while in the oven...deliciousness!

I will absolutely make this again - it seems almost foolproof even for someone who has trouble following a recipe!