The Tale of Oscar and Felix

A brief account of the tale of Oscar and Felix, in slightly poetic form:

'Twas a wintry day in early February in ye old city of Philly;
Julie and her paramour L were desiring feline companionship (it had gotten quite chilly).
So they traveled to PAWS, a place that housed animals, a brief yet harrowing feat.
And swore to the shopkeeper they would be amazing caretakers (making sure the cats had enough to eat.)
"Very well," said the shopkeeper, "We have a large selection, and all of them have their knees." (?)
Said Julie and L, "Excellent, we want two of them if you please."

The shopkeeper hesitated before saying...
"We have quite an unusual case. Two cats were found together, and they are a pair...but they are quite an odd odd couple just like that movie that at one time was playing."

"They were found together, Oscar and Felix, outside in the bitter cold."
"Felix is just short of 6 months and at 6 years Oscar is well...a bit old." 
"An odd couple?" Julie and L exclaimed. "Well this is quite unexpected! Are they father and son?" The shopkeeper could not say. 
"They must stay together, that's all that I know, can you make a decision today?"

Oscar climbed into Julie's lap, curled up, started purring and emitted some drool.
At that point Julie was a done deal, when it came to Oscar, she was a fool!
Felix was scared, but blinked a few times, which the shopkeeper said was a good sign.
"He's been on the streets his entire life," said the shopkeeper, "Just give him a bit of time."
L and Julie said, "We would love to give these cats a home!"
The shopkeeper said, "Let us know of their progress by phone!"

Only a week has past yet it seems like Oscar and Felix have lived with Julie and L for much longer.
Oscar feels pretty much at home....

While the bond between Felix and his human companions (and DaBird) with each day grows a wee bit stronger.

Oscar spends most of his days waiting for food, while Felix plays hard to get.

While Julie and L haven't quite become those people who are super obsessed with their least, not yet.

The End